Walden University’s Family Nurse Practitioner Program Capstone Project

Walden University’s Family Nurse Practitioner Program Capstone Project

Effectiveness of Non Pharmacological Interventions, Such As Exercise in the Prevention and Management of Depression

The unique and communal necessity that motivated my final project investigation is the escalating frequency of depression. The restricted availability of medicinal therapies has played a part in this matter. According to Schuch & Stubbs, (2019), depression is an ordinary psychological condition that influences a notable part of people. The effect on individuals and neighborhoods is considerable. Besides, the accessibility and cost-effectiveness of medications aimed at depression could be constrained among particular individuals or communities, including people with poor economic conditions or insufficient medical services.

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Alternative interventions, like physical activity, have displayed hopeful results for managing and alleviating depression. Nevertheless, additional studies must be conducted to grasp the impact and ideal execution plans comprehensively. Physical activity has been discovered to uplift mood, diminish symptoms of depression, and improve overall mental health (Schuch & Stubbs, 2019). Moreover, physical activity is affordable and can be easily obtained intervention applied in diverse contexts such as separate dwellings, public gathering places, and educational institutions.

Through examining the efficacy of physical activity as a non-drug treatment for preventing and managing depression, my investigative study seeks to tackle the acknowledged individual and community demands. By providing empirical evidence on the advantages of physical activity, my research can inform medical professionals, decision-makers, and local associations about the capacity of physical activity as a feasible substitute or supplement to medication therapies. Moreover, it can assist them in comprehending the significance of integrating fitness into their therapy plans.

Furthermore, the results of my research have the potential to assist in facilitating the incorporation of workout routines into current mental health therapy plans and projects aimed at the local community. It can give power to people suffering from depression to take a proactive role in overseeing their minds and well-being. This can give them a method for dealing that they can apply autonomously.


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